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Troy Meadows is a North Jersey-based home recording project. 
Genres: Independent, pop, outsider, spoken word
Years Active: 2005- Present
Label: Self-published  
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The New Album:


A Faith Observed is an album about wrestling with God.

It is also my “clumsy masterpiece.” Every note is sincere.


I don't want to understand this process. I don't want to become too familiar with it. I don't want to use the same recording setup longer than I have to. I don't want the best musicians. I don't want the best instruments. I don't even want to know how to accomplish the thing I have to accomplish next because that's going to allow the process to be energetic and vital.

-D. Klein 


Early History: 


Troy Meadows is the recording project of North Jersey songwriter D. Klein. Klein’s recordings have received airplay from a number of excellent independent and college radio stations across the United States, mostly late at night. 2010’s An Airfield Disappears and 2013’s Love Songs for Astronomers were notable for their sparse ambience and otherworldly lyrics. For Klein, they were most notable for the sense of mystery surrounding them. Just where did these recordings come from? Klein couldn’t say. 


In 2014, KZSU’s Randall Holmes wrote, “Sounds like D. Klein could probably be a punk singer. Or a preacher. But instead sings to hypnosis.” This was notable both for being well-written and for being (rather astonishingly) true.


Recent Recordings/Emerging Themes:


2018’s Adelaide was a collection of songs about coming to terms with the past and present and, ultimately, taking that elusive next step. It showcased Klein's new approach to music, featuring old drum machines and an emphasis on the spoken word. Somewhere along the way, it also became a statement of sorts on the creative process.

Troy Meadows’ latest release, A Faith Observed, is an album about wrestling with God. It is about faith, was achieved through faith, and fully embraces faith’s paradoxes. Fittingly, it was almost impossible to mix and finalize. Klein considers it to be his “clumsy masterpiece.” Every note is sincere, though not necessarily indicative of the direction of future projects. Klein both fears and expects that the album’s hard-fought “optimistic equilibrium” will be difficult to maintain and that the project may come to represent a “calm before the storm.” Whatever the future may hold, he’s thankful to have experienced the era that produced these recordings.


To state the obvious: D. Klein is a proud home recorder.


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