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//  Origin:  Northern New Jersey
//  Genres:  indie, pop, ambient, spoken word
//  Years Active:  2005- Present
//  Label: self-published  
//  Website:
For Fans Of: 

Guided by Voices

The Mountain Goats

Talking Heads

Arcade Fire

Bruce Springsteen

Slick Rick

Pere Ubu

Yo La Tengo


Troy Meadows is the recording project of North Jersey songwriter D. Klein. Klein's early recordings were praised for their sparse arrangements, unique wordplay, and gentle transcendence. Troy Meadows recordings have been featured on college radio stations like WTUL (Tulane) KZSU (Stanford), KAOS (Evergreen St.), and WUOG (Univ. of Georgia).

Adelaide, Troy Meadows' fourth studio album, is a collection of songs about coming to terms with the past and present and, ultimately, taking that elusive next step. Somewhere along the way, Adelaide has also become a statement of sorts on the creative process. The album showcases Klein's new approach to music, featuring vintage drum machines, breezily hypnotic guitars, propulsive rhythms, a few desperate blasts of distortion, and a new emphasis on the spoken word. 



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