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Press for Love Songs for Astronomers:

"This unconventional music is sadly humorous in affect, and seems to speak of a deep darkness, not necessarily as something threatening, but as something that just is – the background to experience...The real achievement of Vol. III: Love Songs For Astronomers is in the extent to which Meadows has gone to find a uniquely specific approach, tailored precisely to his irreducibly personal meanings. Acoustic guitars swim in lakes of reverb, vocals recede and approach, sometimes intimate, sometimes in huge echoing spaces, sometimes mordantly distorted. Songwriting becomes epigrammatic, and simple refrains are ridden like riffs. This is the real deal." -Oliver Arditi (

"Sounds like D. Klein could probably be a punk singer. Or, a preacher. But, instead sings to hypnosis...You will walk away humming." -Randall Holmes (KZSU Stanford University Radio 90.1)

"Enjoyable, engaging, and emotionally provoking. This album has a deep space feel while hitting close to home." -Music Hound (Tuning Into the Obscure) 




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