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The one reviewer who nailed it. Astonishing, really. 

"Sounds like D. Klein could probably be a punk singer. Or, a preacher. But, instead sings to hypnosis..." -Randall Holmes (KZSU Stanford University Radio 90.1)

Found poem constructed from other interesting reviews:

unusual arrangements

insistent percussion

an odd listen at first

like if the minutemen had done a bruce cockburn cover

or bill callahan after a beefheart bender

the guitar initially seems at odds 

with every other element . . .

accented, interlocking rhythms

the impression of compound time

a hypnotic quality

unexpected hymns

hook-ridden rhymes

a dorky vibe to the production

a dance-i-er proclamation

a stripped down and elemental approach to music

that nudges you towards something new

sounds like d. klein could probably be a punk singer

or a preacher

instead sings to hypnosis




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